Submit your application with confidence with our university starter editorial package for your admission essays. This service covers the provision of error-free personal statements and essays that will make you stand out as a candidate to the admissions committee.


Many students find it challenging to craft the perfect essay free of grammatical errors that will prove to university recruiters that you are more than just your grades, but rather  a well-rounded candidate who is passionate about their future and academic goals.


We will critique and edit your personal statement, ensuring that your application clearly demonstrates why you are an ideal candidate. This package is suitable for prospective students and focuses on clarity and precision in writing by eliminating redundant sections from your personal statement and correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Additionally, we will also improve arguments, style, syntax, and word choice and review your writing at the sentence level to enhance its overall readability.


  • Admissions Essay Proofreading

    Opt for this service if your work has already been revised for structural errors, and you only need a final tidy-up before your application is sent. Our editors will look through your document for minor errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. This service does not involve extensive revisions or editing, as we will assume that the essay submitted is your final draft.

    Price quoted per 1,000 words.

  • Admissions Essay Editing

    This service provides an in-depth review of your work. Opt for this package if your document requires a more comprehensive revision that, in addition to the correction of basic errors, also addresses incomprehensible sentences, syntax problems, wordiness, tense usage, repetitions, and provides content improvements at the structural level.

    Price quoted per 1,000 words.



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