Completing your master’s dissertation is an important stepping stone in your education. It’s an opportunity to showcase the knowledge you gained throughout your study.


In order to demonstrate your skill in the best way possible, your dissertation needs to be presentation-ready. It needs to be free of errors, have a logical structure, and flow soundly.

Our team of editors will ensure that your final draft is polished and ready for your supervisor to review.


Scienture® is committed to following all professional and ethical codes of conduct established by your institution. This means that we will work closely with both yourself and your supervisor to ensure that these standards are consistently met and that your academic credibility remains intact.


  • Master’s Dissertation Proofreading

    Opt for this service if your master’s dissertation has already been revised for structural errors, and you only need a final tidy-up before submission. Our detail-obsessed editors will scour your document for minor errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar, ensuring that your dissertation is error-free.

    This service does not involve extensive revisions or editing, as we will assume that the manuscript submitted is your final draft.

    Price quoted per 10,000 words.

  • Master’s Dissertation Copy Editing

    This service provides an in-depth review of your manuscript. Opt for this package if your paper requires a more comprehensive revision that addresses incomprehensible sentences, syntax problems, wordiness, tense usage, and repetitions. We also provide suggestions on improving the paper’s content on a structural level.

    If you’re not sure which package suits your needs, contact us.

    Price quoted per 10,000 words.