Excellent research deserves to be communicated clearly.

Whether you’re a Ph.D. candidate or a post-doctoral researcher, the research process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Let us lighten your workload by taking care of structural edits, subedits, and proofreading.

Scienture® was founded with the goal of bringing clarity to scientific publications in terms of language, guided by a desire to contribute actively to maintaining the rigorous standards of scientific publication. We believe in the importance of literacy, education, and scientific progress.

Our ultimate aim is to help researchers extend the reach of their publications by bridging the language gap between authors, their peers, and the global scientific community.

We offer high-quality editing services for academics and researchers. Our packages are affordable, fast, and customizable to your specific needs.


Through our professional editing and proofreading services, we empower authors with the knowledge of excellent global research publication practices. We look to establish long-term collaborations with our authors and adapt to their publishing needs, regardless of how these might change over time. Our detailed feedback system, which covers both intellectual and linguistic reviews, ensures that we continually invest in our authors.

As such, our services don’t just seek to improve the spelling and grammar of your written work—we also offer actionable feedback that encourages you to develop as a researcher through good writing practice.

Scienture® is committed to following all professional and ethical codes of conduct established by your institution. Our mission is to help you present your research in the best way possible without altering your arguments or putting your reputation at risk. We always work within universities’ guidelines and collaborate with researchers and their supervisors to ensure that these expectations are met.

Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of authors improve and polish their admission essays, research papers, personal statements, research proposals, journal articles, dissertations, and theses. Previous clients have been published by Harvard University Press, Springer, and Elsevier. Our clients frequently recommend us to others, and many have become repeat customers who continue to use our services even after graduating and becoming scholars in their fields.

Scienture® was founded by Ana Joldes. With over ten years of experience in publishing, she’s helped hundreds of authors publish their work in reputable academic journals. She holds qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) and is the editor of multiple Amazon best-selling books.

If you’re a researcher who needs help polishing up and improving your written work, we would love to hear from you! View our list of packages or get in contact with us directly.