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Thank you so much! I was offered a place at Oxford!"

Professional proofreading and editing services for postgraduate students, researchers and scientific authors




You may have the best ideas in your head but putting them articulately on paper is very important in academic writing. 

At Scienture, it matters to us what the most ambitious people do with their lives and we are always there for them every step of the way to success. Our services are ideal for authors who desire error-free documents for their admission essays, research papers, term papers, personal statements, research proposals, journal articles, academic manuscripts and theses.

 We are dedicated to helping all our clients succeed even in the most prestigious institutions in the world. Our goal is to ensure that your document is judged based on merit and not rejected because of grammatical and spelling errors. We are aware that this is important in achieving career success and do not take this with levity.

Our words speak for themselves as some of them have been published by Elsevier, one of the world's major providers of scientific, technical, and medical information. We have also worked with quite a number of highly esteemed universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCLA, UCL and Imperial College London to mention but a few, thereby, continually adding our own contribution to the great scientific research community. 

We come highly recommended by many of our clients and many of them choose to collaborate with us even after graduating and establishing themselves as scholars in their respective fields. We also collaborate with the reputable ISTE Group, the epicenter of ed-tech, by proofreading various articles that are being published monthly.

 As a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (which has recently been granted a royal charter and soon-to-be the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading), you can rest assured that we have the right qualifications for the job.

Our many years of proofreading and editing experience have distinguished us from the novices of this niche.

You can validate this by connecting with us on LinkedIn.

Our services include:
  • Correction of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors (typos, spelling mistakes, hyphenation errors and so on)

  • Addressing issues related to improper language and poor word choice (elimination of taboo words, subjective language, inflated and superfluous phrases, and reducing the use of passive voice)

  • Conformity to the language variations of British or American English

  • All changes are tracked for your approval

  • Formatting: paragraph spacing, pagination, table of contents, double spaces, font consistency etc.


Our services exclude:
  • Altering the content

  • Vetting the accuracy of your arguments

  • Verifying the reliability of the references and scientific terminology provided

  • Writing, re-writing or paraphrasing any part of the document


Service guarantee:
  • Free revisions will be available or your money back if your edited manuscript is rejected by a publisher. If you do not alter a manuscript and this is rejected on purely English language grounds, you can either request a partial refund or have your manuscript re-edited free of charge. It is not possible to still request free revisions should you introduce new changes to a document once the revised copy has been returned to you.




High-quality and personalised writing and proofreading services can result in you getting your much-desired publication, or landing that big client, or receiving a university degree as a student. And that’s why our expertise is your greatest asset!

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals in an array of subjects, including business communication, academic writing, medical and scientific writing, publishing and manuscript writing, and resume writing. With our experience, you are guaranteed value for your money as we provide only the best services.

We also have a wide range of accomplishments - some of which include:

  • Being highly educated with relevant technical skills in Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign

  • Having a large portfolio of published academic works in a variety of technical and non-technical fields (Elsevier, Springer, John Wiley & Sons)

  • Working with notable published authors, both in fiction and non-fiction

  • Being highly experienced in writing and proofreading academic articles

  • Fluency in all academic style guides and comfortable with specific corporate style guides

  • Proficiency in English, Romanian, German, Spanish and French

  • Commitment to rigorous quality assurance standards

  • Continuous training for our team to ensure greater efficiency

Since their inception, our elite services have helped to process hundreds of orders and are trusted by some of the world's top institutions.



The entire review process is stress-free and top confidentiality is ensured.

With the use of track changes in Microsoft Word, we give value-adding benefit to you. Our edited and final version copies will capture all the words, nuances, style and essence that best represent you.

We are your very own partner in communication. Our service, therefore, includes offering all the information you need to choose the appropriate level of engagement for your project.


Familiarity breeds blindness. We do not help you in your work with already preconceived notions about it. Instead, we treat each work as special and with an open mind in order to present ‘your’ own concept and ideas in the best way possible. That way, the meaning of your work is preserved.

We may critique the consistency of your document(s), make suggestions for better flow, and explain word usage issues and standard writing practices. This way, you not only get a better document, but you also learn how to be a better writer for future purposes.

Our widespread experience ranging from education to economics, from business to biology, from information technology to creative writing is profound and impressive. Our unique style of service guarantees that your document gets the best evaluation, not just on the basic level of grammar and spelling but also on the level of flow and consistency provided that is your choice of service.

Many of our clientele are not proficient in the English language. We, therefore, help these clients produce grammatically correct and idiomatically understandable English prose. You get back a document that sounds like standard English, and you get the bonus of seeing how we changed words or spelling thereby improving your writing style as a result. This is why we call our service a two-in-one package. We improve on your work and ensure you are also getting better!



“Thanks for revising. What I appreciated the most was that you asked me questions and that in your revision you used words and phrases that were much in line with my own writing style.
I have no negative comments to make.”
Lecturer, University of Pisa
“Thank you. My supervisor loves your work on proofreading my thesis. Please can you help me to make the abstract look outstanding since it will be the first thing that the examiner will read?”
PhD Student, Imperial College London
“Thanks again for the efforts you have put into editing my essay; I can't be more grateful. You have done a wonderful review in such a short period of time.”  
MA Student, University of Glasgow
“Hello Ana. How are you? I’d like to know how much it is for you to proofread the whole book. Thanks for your work. It was amazing!” 
Book Author (Fiction)
“Thank you so much! I was offered a place at Oxford! I am now applying for a scholarship. Thank you again for your help!”  
PhD Student, University of Oxford
“Thank you for the explanation. I like your style of writing comments.
If I want to request some more jobs, can you work on my writing again?”
MA Student, University College London

Thank you so much for your fabulous job! 

PhD Student, University of Cambridge

You are my first and sole editor. I didn't check other linguists because I am one hundred percent satisfied with your outputs 

Lecturer, Alexandria Technical Collage




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  • The length (number of words/pages)
  • The format (hard copy, Word document, PDF, etc.)
  • When you might want the work completed by
  • Variant of English (UK or US) in which you would like the editing to be done
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